Dienstag, 9. November 2010

Heimliche Verbündete

Seit neuestem sieht man des öfteren Member einer Corp namens "Project Nemesis" in D2-HOS und Umgebung. Wir jagen sie nicht aktiv weil... Naja, nach fünf Monaten in Pure Blind kümmert man sich nicht mehr um Cloaker. Erstmal ist eine Verfolgung eine ziemliche Sysiphosarbeit, weil Bomber spottbillig sind und die Piloten nach einer Stunde wieder auf der Matte stehen. Weiterhin kann man solche Gestalten getrost ignorieren wenn man ein paar einfache Regeln befolgt. Von daher sind die Jungs nicht einmal unter der Kategorie "Ärgernis" einzustufen.

Soweit jedenfalls die offizielle Version...

Nun aber wurden Interna geleaked, und bevor es jemand anderes tut veröffentliche ich sie lieber:

Who we are, who hired us, and why we are here.
From: Tomaso Yoshitome
Sent: 2010.11.08 18:18To: FCON HC + CEO's

Dear FCON Leadership,

We know you guys have been talking about us a lot over the last week and with good reason. Within a mere week and a half of our arrival in your space, here is the killboard so far:


You have lost close to 3 bil in ten days, without us even trying that hard. This was just our exploratory phase, and you have been found seriously wanting. Sure, 3 bil is nothing in 0.0. However, this is just the beginning of our active operations against you.

We have, in fact, infiltrated considerable chunks of your alliance. We are reading your intel channels, we are listening to your comms. In fact, we even are listening to your personal conversations on comms. We even have people on your mining ops, let alone your so-called defence fleets. One of our guys has even FC'd for you. This has been going on since late August. We are also receiving assistance in attacking you from your supposed 'blues'. Here are the JB maps they have supplied us with:

North: blargh
Deklein: blargh
Pure Blind: blargh

We are also in possession of your JB pw.. blargh. Don't bother to change it, we'll still know what it is, and keep using your JB's. We also know -7-'s pw. which is blargh. On some of their POS'es we don't even have to worry about getting shot at.

Who we are: Project Nemesis is a long-established pvp corp, known in certain pvp circles as a group of 'superb pilots', known to 'happily cross the entire EVE universe, just to ruin someone's day'.. you can look the quotes up on the forum. This is fact, we have no need to brag, our killboard stats speak for themselves. All small gang work, no killboard padding 0.0 blob-fleet engagements. Not one of our current membership has a kill ratio of less than 10:1 as the bare minimum.
Who hired us: elements within -7-. An association of some of their more elite (and extremely wealthy) pilots and CEO's, who are sick and tired of your terrible efforts to pvp, and sullying the reputation of the NC. Just look at your own killboard. In their own words, you are 'a bunch of carebears, who should be back in high-sec missioning'. To paraphrase another quote, 'they lack a decent size capital fleet, and basically are cannon fodder who blob and whore onto our kills.' Frankly, in the eyes of these individuals, your pilots aren't worth the lag your ships cause in large engagements. You cannot defend your own space, and they feel it would be better if -7- administered the D2 pocket. Naturally, i am not going to name the individuals or CEO's, because frankly, even if i did, you couldn't do shit about it.

How Long we'll be here: Until our contract of 25 billion ISK worth of your ships and assets are destroyed / otherwise removed from your possession, with an option to extend the campaign if our clients find our work satisfactory. If you have any queries or suggestions, please address them to me as your diplomatic contact.
There are no ploys or tactics you can use to beat us. We have complete access to every part of your alliance, we know when you are baiting, we know where your defence fleets are, where you have interdictors, whether you're going to try log-on traps. Everything.

We are very patient.

Was bleibt mir da noch zu sagen außer:

Alles verläuft nach Plan >:D



    LOL...ich lach mich scheckich. Wen meint der denn mit "Who hired us: elements within -7-. An association of some of their more elite (and extremely wealthy) pilots and CEO's" ?

    Mir fällt da spontan keiner ein ^^ Elite Pilots...ELITE PILOTS....ich ersticke hier grade vor Lachanfällen.

    Elite Schwachköpfe haben wir allerdings jede Menge....

    Geil Nere, danke für das breite Grinsen das ich gerade im Gesicht habe ^^

  2. Varimatras deVolair10. November 2010 um 14:08

    ich habs aufm forum zuerst gelesen und nun nochmal hier und lach mich immernoch kaputt...

  3. Ich hätte an der Stelle mal ein Anliegen an euch, ich selber spiele kein EvE-online habe aber dort nen MMO-Kumpel verloren =)

    Also wenn ihr während dem Warp mal die Userlisten durchstöbern könnt nach einem "Celee" wäre ich euch echt verbunden. Vielleicht bleiben wir in Kontakt. Ihr findet mich auch auf meinem blog. Ahoi und vorsicht im 0.0 =)

  4. oder auch... cellee =), wenn nix zu machen ist, bzw. er nicht auffindbar ist, könnt ihr vllt. ja auch fix durchsagen. Danke für die Mühe

  5. Done, check mal die comments in deinem Blog.

  6. Du bist ja klasse, hast du ihm die Blog-Url gegeben?? Noch einmal tausend Dank.. super Sache !!!

  7. http://prons.griefwatch.net/?p=campaigns&campaign=13324

    Campaign record speaks for itself.


    Tomaso Yoshitome